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Don’t Suffer in Silence: Constipation + Diarrhea

Do you struggle with alternating constipation and/or diarrhea? Most people have had the occasional upset stomach after a heavy meal. A few have even experienced nausea and diarrhea the morning after a long night out. Now, imagine having these symptoms on a regular basis. Without a doubt, it would affect your quality of life. Between […]

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IBS + SIBO: A Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner’s Story

Who knows what it’s like to be told at a young age you have IBS – irritable bowel syndrome? I do. This frustrating diagnosis made for copious amounts of anxiety when heading on dates, vacations and special moments. After all, I never knew if Sir diarrhea , Representative gas or Princess nausea might arrive, ugh! […]

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Mood Boosting Foods – Functional Medicine Nutrition Approach

How your diet affects your mood! As of 2019, major depression is listed as the number 2 most costly chronic illness in the US. Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Most of us know that stress, lack of sleep, busy lives and trauma are common triggers to unstable mood patterns. However, did you know […]

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Stress 101: A Functional Medicine Approach to Stress + Sleep

Stress… Did that word just stress you out?! What was the first thought that entered your mind? For so many people, this is the way of life. Almost a badge of honor that you can take on so much and keep going. But what gives? Literally. Now think back to a time when you felt […]

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How to Practice Self Care Like an Inspired Health Functional Medicine Doctor

We have decided to focus this month of February on self-love or self-care!As you know, February is celebrated with a Love holiday – Valentine’s Day.Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!! What is self-care? Dr. Dishman: “Self-care at its core is the foundation of LOVE. It is impossible to give from an empty cup. Placing an emphasis […]

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New Year, ReNew

Happy New Year!  It’s the time of the year where gym memberships, #fitnessgoals, and juice cleanses run rampant everywhere.The idea of “new year, new you” seems to be unavoidable. While setting goals are great, we believe a rigid, metrics-based attitude toward health and fitness goals isn’t always the best way to go to achieve long […]

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6 Ways To Unwind in 60 Seconds

Although the holidays are meant to be a joyous time spent with friends and family, all of the hustle and bustle can sometimes bring about unexpected anxiety and stress. If you find yourself feeling this way, no worries! Here are a few of the Inspired Health team’s favorite quick tips to get some R&R now. […]

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How To Hack Flu Season

TIPS & TRICKS TO HACK THE FLU SEASON Well, it’s that time of year again: Cold and Flu season. School has begun and the germs are in the air. That’s because children easily carry and spread illness. Ultimately, each of us has a responsibility to protect our bodies and maximize our immune system. But with […]

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Niacin Vitamin B3: Take The Feel Good Vitamin!

Why Vitamin B3 (aka Niacin) makes you feel GOOD! If you’re not feeling optimal, you may have a Vitamin B3 (aka Niacin) deficiency as every part of your body needs it to function! Inspired Health Practitioners offer comprehensive holistic health consults, and our apothecary includes only the most efficacious and safe nutraceuticals, prescribed in customized doses […]

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Shoulder Surgery Recovery: Post-Op Weeks 2-3

A Functional Medicine Practitioner Recovers from Shoulder Surgery: Post-Op Weeks 2-3 This Blog post is part of a Series on Shoulder Surgery Recovery: Please see other articles. I went back and forth on commenting on my recent shoulder surgery (labral repair, rotator cuff repair, A/C joint decompression). If you know me, attention is never my modus […]

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6 Common Causes of Leaky Gut and Find Healthy Treatment

The 6 Causes of Leaky Gut: Once you have determined that you do indeed have Leaky Gut (see this article on Lab Testing Pros & Cons for Leaky Gut), the next question should be: What is UPSTREAM and causing Leaky Gut? Functional Medicine practitioners are trained to look at physiology from a different perspective. We […]

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