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Making Sense of Perimenopause – Part 2 of 2

The first part of this two-part series on Perimenopause was published last month. Check it out HERE if you haven’t yet.  This month, we’re focusing on the role of progesterone during perimenopause. As previously discussed, progesterone begins to drop during the perimenopause phase. In a perfect world, that is ok. However, if stress is higher […]

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Seed Cycling for Optimal Hormone Balance

Rotating of seeds is a valuable way of restoring hormonal balance for men and women. Seed cycling is so effective because the hulls of the seeds contain chemicals called lignans which help modulate the hormonal pathways of the body, while the seed oils are comprised of essential (or omega) fatty acids that provide the building […]

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Making Sense of Perimenopause – Part 1 of 2

Is Perimenopause puberty in reverse? Maybe you’ve experienced it- a sudden hot flash, irregular period cycle, or mood instability. People are annoying you, your patience is lower, and you are contemplating moving, changing jobs, ending your relationship, crying and laughing – all within 5 minutes. What is going on, you’re only 35 years old?! It […]

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10 Ways to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is a personal journey for every mother. Some women may experience low breast milk supply – for a wide variety of reasons – particularly in the early weeks of breastfeeding. If your supply of breast milk is low, consider the following tips: Breast Feed or Breast Pump More Frequently Your body creates breast milk […]

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How Do I Know if I Have Too Much Estrogen Hormone?

Estrogen dominance is a type of hormonal imbalance in which the body produces too much estrogen, and can cause a wide array of unpleasant symptoms. What Causes Estrogen Dominance? There are a variety of factors that can disrupt our hormones and cause our bodies to create more estrogen, including stress, environmental toxins, the state of […]

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How Stress Impacts the Adrenals & HPA Axis in the Body

Many people struggle to get out of bed in the morning and then proceed to run around all day with work, kids, sports practices, dinner, errands and housework. As a collective society,  we are continuously burning the candle at both ends, which leaves us burnt out and exhausted. Weekends used to be a time to […]

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I Eat Healthy, I Exercise – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?!

I HEAR YOU! The traditional thinking is that losing weight is based on a reduction in calories: calories in should be slightly less than calories out, leading to weight loss. With this train of thought, one should simply be able to lose weight or maintain based on calories, right? It’s not that simple.  We are […]

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Understanding Endometriosis: It’s not the Endo the world!

Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects millions of women worldwide. Symptoms can present in several ways: pain with periods, during intercourse, while having a bowel movement or urinating – especially as your menstrual cycle nears. It can also cause heavy periods or difficulty getting pregnant. Generic symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, nausea or fatigue […]

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Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid Information

You probably haven’t heard of Hashimoto’s  – a disease that is unfortunately affecting well over 10 million people in the U.S. today. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis disease is an autoimmune condition that affects 14 million people in the U.S. making it the most common hypothyroid disorder in the country. For those with the debilitating condition, symptoms can […]

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New Year, ReNew

Happy New Year!  It’s the time of the year where gym memberships, #fitnessgoals, and juice cleanses run rampant everywhere.The idea of “new year, new you” seems to be unavoidable. While setting goals are great, we believe a rigid, metrics-based attitude toward health and fitness goals isn’t always the best way to go to achieve long […]

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6 Ways To Unwind in 60 Seconds

Although the holidays are meant to be a joyous time spent with friends and family, all of the hustle and bustle can sometimes bring about unexpected anxiety and stress. If you find yourself feeling this way, no worries! Here are a few of the Inspired Health team’s favorite quick tips to get some R&R now. […]

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