Who knows what it’s like to be told at a young age you have IBS – irritable bowel syndrome? I do. This frustrating diagnosis made for copious amounts of anxiety when heading on dates, vacations and special moments. After all, I never knew if Sir diarrhea , Representative gas or Princess nausea might arrive, ugh! What excuse would I come up with THIS time why I had to leave, had to last minute cancel or couldn’t go in the first place?

I experienced many frustrating years just thinking this was what I had to deal with. No prescription medications I tried worked. My diet was varied, considered fairly healthy and the symptoms seemed to have no real connection to what I ate. Until I experienced some relief with an elimination diet recommended by the first naturopath I went to years ago, nobody had ever suggested certain foods were a potential trigger. It was a glimmer of hope and I did experience some relief but not complete. So I did what a lot of people do- I gave up!

I continued avoiding gluten most of the time because this at least consistently caused me problems. I was always doing research, trying to find answers but nothing really helped. THEN, I discovered Functional Medicine– root based medicine! I began hearing of conditions like SIBO: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, Leaky gut, food sensitivities and cross-reactive foods. Aha!! My life and career path were changed forever.

Reach Out – It’s not in your head!

I know it is scary to try to keep figuring out digestion issues. It can be costly, frustrating and you aren’t even sure it is going to work or help. Speaking from personal experience, I completely understand. However, I can tell you Functional Medicine works! That is why I am so excited to provide care here at Inspired Health. I know what we do here has personally provided me with answers, healing, normal digestion, sleep and energy- things I had not known in my entire adult life. Don’t settle into your life of confusing symptoms- it does not have to be your sentence. I encourage you to reach out, let us help you discover what it means to truly feel great! 

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