The suppliers of our supplement lines use independent third-party testing to verify that every batch is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label and meets or exceeds GMP quality standards.


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Hormonal health is an important piece of overall vitality, regulating a host of functions throughout the body. Rebalance your hormones today.

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Your mood and energy can feel amazing! Tired, stressed, anxious, midsection belly gain, addicted to coffee? Your stress response (cortisol) and adrenal function could use a little love. 


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High-quality, natural supplements can play an instrumental role in supporting an array of digestive conditions including GERD, SIBO, IBS, IBD and Celiac disease.


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Quality, restful sleep is one of the most important factors in healing. If you find yourself unable to fall or stay asleep, the introduction of one of our physician-approved supplements could be the support you are looking for!

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  • Wonderful Apothecary! Wonderful Practitioners! The selection of products in the apothecary is well crafted and spot on! During this time of uncertainty I know there will be good supplements available and the delivery was very quick! Thank you Dr Weintrob and Dr Dishman and your staff for all you do!

    JudyBend, OR


  • They have wonderful products that really work. They are competitively priced and they are quick to get your order ready. They also have everything you need to maintain your health.

    CynthiaBend, OR


  • Happy Patient! So happy I found Inspired Health years ago. The providers really have changed my life! They helped me with many issues but the most recent one was IBS like symptoms. Taking their Digestive support supplements literally changed my GI within days of starting the products. With every issue and health challenge I bring she doesn’t stop until she finds an answer. Highly recommend the Inspired Health Apothecary!

    KathyBend, OR