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What is LEAKY GUT Syndrome?

The link between Inflammation, Chronic Disease, and Innate Vitality I start out most of my explanations to patients telling them that, “Inflammation is the #1 common denominator between all chronic disease.” “Inflammation is the #1 common denominator between all chronic disease.”  Because of this, one of my initial goals as a Functional Medicine Practitioner is to […]

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How a Functional Medicine Doctor Stays Healthy While Traveling

HEALTHY TRAVEL TIP ESSENTIALS Lately my schedule has me traveling on a plane from the East Coast to the West Coast at least 1-2 times per month. As a Functional Medicine physician and working mother, there is always a lot on my plate, and the travel adds an extra layer of detail and a lot […]

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IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST! The Warming Sock Treatment is an old traditional hydrotherapy (aka “water cure”) modality that originated in Europe, centuries ago. It is a simple technique that is especially effective for relieving nasal congestion in bed at night; frequently better than medications and without the side effects. It also helps to stimulate the immune system in the […]

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30-Second Wake-Up Call: Cold Shower Hydrotherapy

 COLD RINSE: Better than a shot of espresso in the morning! Feeling groggy in the morning? Addicted to caffeine to “get you going”? Want to get your metabolism fired up? If you have 30 seconds, then look no further! You will feel invigorated, alive, and AWAKE while you perform the cold water shower rinse. I […]

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