Medical Weight Loss Program


You are not alone, many of us have too. This is why we are so excited to announce a new Medical weight loss program here at Inspired Health!

We are currently booking these appointments with our Nurse Practitioner – Michelle Hirschy-Baker FNP-C (Medical Weight Loss Certified through the HCG Diet Council) and are only providing appointments to existing and current patients of Inspired Health. 


We are so passionate about this program!

If you have struggled the last couple of years with changes in your metabolism, or there has been that stubborn weight that you could not budge even with consistent exercise and an individualized style of healthy eating – then this program is for you!

Sometimes stress, hormonal changes, toxins and several other factors can trigger our bodies to store unwanted fat. When done correctly, the Inspired Health Medical Weight Loss diet will tell the body it is ok to release the stored fat and allow for a new, lower “set weight” your body will then recognize as normal. When you do this program, you’ll be able to lose the stubborn weight AND be able to keep it off!!

Our providers will help guide you every step of the way during the program through weekly visits, provide fat burning and energy boosting injections, help answer any questions and provide the tools you need to lose your stubborn weight. Typical weight loss in 30 days for women is 15-20 pounds and in men is 20-30 pounds. On average, most people who follow the correct protocol from start to finish will maintain their weight loss for 2 years and most do well for many years!

  • Pituitary gland
  • Blood pressure
  • Hunger and salt craving
  • Body temperature
  • Hydration and bladder function
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Ovarian and testicular
  • function
  • Mood / behavior and sleep / wake cycles
  • Energy and stress adaptation
  • Fat deposition and release

We look forward to joining you on your weight loss journey! After all, why feel good when you can feel GREAT!


Dr. Henderson’s sentiment

  • The providers at Inspired Health are fantastic Functional Medicine clinicians. I collaborate closely with them, especially with my patients who need extra help in terms of diagnosing and treating gut issues, fatigue/energy/weight loss issues, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. All the providers know the science of body and mind systems intimately, and have an excellent skill set for identifying upstream causes. Upstream causes are the root of why we suffer, and yet they are over-looked by most medical practitioners. The Inspired Health team has completely changed the lives of many of my patients. They come back to me, after working with them raving about weight loss, improved energy, improved sleep, and having an overall feeling of wellness. I cannot recommend Inspired Health highly enough!

    Dr. Anita Henderson MDHighlakes Healthcare
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Program Pricing

The current cost of the program is $1800, subject to change with pharmacy pricing, and is not covered by insurance – and of course, there are no guarantees. 


60 minutes

Review of health history and understanding of your weight loss goals.

VISIT #2-6

30 minutes

Fat burning and energy boosting injections given at these visits

Medical Weight Loss prescriptions and supplies – given during each appointment


Is the Inspired Health Medical Weight Loss Program for you?

Typical weight loss diets will first burn off the structural fat (support for keeping face youthful/full, providing cushioning to the bodies organs/tissues/structures) and then move to burn reserve fat (normal fat stores available to the body as a fuel source in times of increased nutritional demand or calorie deficit). This leaves behind the abnormal fat. For obvious reasons, this is very frustrating for those struggling to lose weight.

The Inspired Health Medical Weight Loss diet comprises eating a very low calorie diet (500 calories/day) with daily subcutaneous (into the fat) injections for a determined length of time. The needle and amount of the weight loss solution is very small, so injections are painless!
The minimum injection phase is 21 days and 42 days is the maximum.

The length beyond the minimum 21 days is determined by weight loss goals. If needed, more than 1 cycle can be done with a minimum of 6 weeks break between cycles. The break is to prevent the body from becoming “immune” to the powerful weight loss effects ofthe program.

  • Typical weight loss per month for women is 15-20lbs and for men is 20-30lbs!
  • Fat stores toxins so as it is removed from your body- you will also have the added benefit of detoxing!

On average, most people who follow the correct protocol from start to finish will maintain their weight loss for 2 years and most do well for many years!

Keys to success:

  • Honest and supportive working relationship between the client and practitioner
  • Long term healthy lifestyle support in place by the individual
  • Exercise
  • Mindful eating habits and quality nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Quality sleep
  • Dedication to overall health
  • Knowledge of the foods that cause YOUR body inflammation >> working with a Functional Medicine provider to interpret your Cyrex Arrays 3, 4, and 10 is extremely helpful for long term success

Contraindications to this  Program:

  • Gallbladder Stones or Sludge 
  • Liver Disease
  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Current Cancer that is NOT in remission 
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