“Brain fog” has been a more widely heard term in the last 3-4 years. It is not considered a medical term but is often discussed amongst medical and non-medical people alike. Attempting to understand more about brain fog, the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry published an article in 2022 aptly titled “What is brain fog?”

The article includes research about what people were describing as brain fog and considers possible causes. The most consistent symptom found in their research included: forgetfulness, poor concentration, distractibility, grogginess, dizziness, difficulty finding words, periods of inattention and even dissociative experiences. Chinese researchers have noted brain fog appears to essentially be persistent impairment in sustained attention. 

Harvard Medical School posted a 2021 article providing hope to brain fog sufferers by discussing ways to combat persistent brain fog and improve memory. 

  • Aerobic exercise: aim for working up to 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week
  • Mediterranean style diet: including olive oil, fruits, veggies, nuts and beans- proven to enhance brain health
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: essentially don’t stress an already stressed brain
  • Get quality sleep: We clear out toxins and heal as we sleep
  • Social activities: improves mental health and boosts brain function
  • Cognitive stimulation: seek out ways to gently work your brain such as reading, listening to music and mindfulness

Brain fog has been considered by some medical experts to be caused by inflammatory particles left behind by the virus as well as focal brain inflammation. However, the cause of brain fog has not received a fully supported consensus amongst the medical community. 

Here at Inspired Health, we believe our bodies are designed to recognize an issue, organize a “clean-up team” and begin the repair process. We believe the goal is to address the underlying cause of the symptoms – the inflammation – and to support the repair process. There are several approaches we use, but supplement support can be beneficial. 

Supplements that Support Brain Fog 

ViroDefense: potent formula assisting immune system tissues and pathways.

Lightning Pearls: soothes the nervous system and supports those with “Brain Gu Syndrome”: fatigue, mood disorders, cognitive impairment, persistent muscle weakness, shortness of breath and debilitating pain or discomfort.

Lauricidin: anti-viral support – helpful to take as a preventative, at the onset or dealing with chronic viral side effects.

Nrf2: Provides antioxidant support to the body and reduces brain inflammation.

Lion’s Mane: a beautiful mushroom that promotes mental clarity, cognitive function and can even provide concussion support.

Brain Focus: Supports healthy magnesium levels in the brain and improves concentration, mental clarity, focus and motivation.

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