We’re excited to introduce you to Heidi Hazen! Heidi is a Certified Master Hypnotist NGH, Self-Hypnosis Teacher, Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner, and Human Design Reader who teaches emotional energetic intelligence and mindful alignment to allow you to live the life your soul is here to live. Read on to learn more about Heidi and her work that Dr. Meaghan Dishman calls, “profoundly life changing.” 

Q: Hi Heidi! In honor of the deep work you do, let’s dive right in. For those that are new to your work, could you explain what hypnosis is and how it can be used as a therapeutic tool for healing?

HH: I’d love to! Hypnosis has a strange reputation, and part of my calling is to demystify it so others may reap the advantages of working with it. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation that shifts you into a different level of awareness, allowing you to direct your focus on one thing. In short, it calms the monkey mind so you can get down to (healing) business. As a hypnotist, I gently guide you from the conscious to a deeply relaxed state to access your subconscious mind. Traditional therapeutic work (like working with a therapist, counselor, or coach) has you working almost exclusively with your conscious mind, which is extremely limited as it’s only around 5% of your mind’s capacity. When you drop into the subconscious through hypnosis, you have access to every moment of your life and can work directly with the root of issues, limiting beliefs, misperceptions, wounds, etc.

Q: Functional Medicine and Hypnotherapy are similar in the way that the intention is to uncover the root cause of any symptoms. Is there a “right” time to do hypnotherapy work in relation to a physical health journey?

HH: I love the similarities between the two. Traditional cognitive healing modalities and allopathic medicine tend to manage surfacing symptoms rather than dig to find the root of what’s causing the symptoms in the first place. In hypnotherapy, we work within the roots to find the seed which we can “un-plant” by seeing the experience through the eyes of your soul, shifting the misperception into an accurate one, and planting a new, empowering seed in its place, causing a ripple effect into the present moment.

Leaning into hypnotherapy in the early stages of your healing journey would be incredibly beneficial because many of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing may be manifesting  from the programs you have within your subconscious. That being said, my clients must be of stable health mentally and physically when we work together because my work is so deep; there’s a fine line that needs to be danced when entering this level of healing.

Q: How did you find your way to this work on your own healing journey?

HH: I spent over 20 years leaning into different healing modalities. The usual suspects were therapy, counseling, prayer, manifestation work, journaling, talking ad nauseam with those who would listen, reading books and listening to podcasts, and applying what I’d gleaned from them. I went through a divorce, and through that process, I released a lot of the protective falseness I’d packed on throughout my life. This allowed my intuition to become stronger, and as I kept trusting it and following where it led, I found myself perfectly aligned with an ad running on YouTube. The woman was talking about hypnosis, and I was immediately intrigued. Within days I was in her program to become a certified master hypnotist. Halfway through the training, we learned how to do age regression, and I couldn’t believe it – this was the modality I’d been searching for to heal my past, inner child, and bumpy upbringing that nothing I’d tried up to that point had been able to address significantly.

Through my journey as a client of hypnotherapy, I’ve healed in single sessions things that had burdened me my whole life. I had to experience it all (the bumps in life and the healing power of hypnotherapy) firsthand to use this tool the way I do. My own experiences and watching my clients have radical transformations have shown me that bringing this healing modality to the forefront is part of my soul’s purpose. 

Q: Your collection of self-guided hypnosis audios are a wonderful way to dip your toes into this work, and many of us at Inspired Health – staff and patients alike – LOVE them! What is the best way to use these audios?

HH: They really are a dip of the toes into my world! The best way to work with them is just to use them! Any time we engage in the subconscious is a good time. We become more comfortable the more often we’re in the subconscious, so listening to one of these audios regularly is amazing. While listening, you’re interrupting the limiting patterns within your mind and creating new, more supportive ones. You’re working with your energetic alignment simultaneously, so they go further than traditional hypnosis audios. First thing in the morning or right before you fall asleep at night are prime times for easily accessing the subconscious, so these are gorgeous times to listen to an audio.

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Q: Your offering, The Journey, involves eight sessions of hypnotherapy. Could you tell us a little bit more about it?

HH: The Journey is my highest-level hypnotherapy offering for women who know their soul is here to do big things. They’ve “tried everything” to heal and move forward, but they’re still stuck and not where they want to be. The pressure to free themselves from the limitations that keep them from living with their soul at the helm keeps them up a night. I’m the person they come to when they don’t know “what else there is to do.” We do deep excavation work through layers of their human experience that separate them from being in oneness with their soul. We address the main areas where they can’t seem to move forward and use that as the map back to their soul, clearing out spaces where they’ve stored negative energy from things they couldn’t fully process when it happened, lightening their energetic load. 

Q: For those who are hesitant or nervous about being in a state of hypnosis, what advice can you offer?  

HH: I’d encourage them to ease into it and be sure they feel comfortable with the hypnotist. Most clients are surprised at what the experience feels like and then wonder why they hesitated to begin doing deep work using hypnosis at all! I’d suggest grabbing one of my audios to begin experiencing hypnosis. I recently had a client who was apprehensive about doing this work, so she purchased an audio before we started. She listened to it all the way through while remaining conscious so that she knew what to expect when she did it to achieve hypnosis (which is done by following my directions throughout the audio or in a session with me). It relieved her to know what was coming her way, and since then, she’s had beautiful experiences in hypnosis!

Q: You also recently launched The Gathering – a live group offering. Could you tell us more about this and what inspired you to offer a group dynamic?

HH: I launched this in 2022 after I received a full download from above on how I could take the deep work I do 1:1 into a group setting and still get amazing results. Having a group offering allows me to use my energy, gifts, and training efficiently and work with many women at once. The women who are drawn to go beyond the modalities they’ve already explored and into the subconscious are guided into those spaces using my unique spiritual-energetic hypnotherapy model. They retain access to all of our recorded sessions, so they leave our time together with an arsenal of tools that allow them to continue going deeper into their healing on their own time. This space is gentler and more financially accessible than my 1:1 work within The Journey. The Gathering is a “group,” but it feels more like 1:1 with other people there, if that makes sense. We aren’t going through each others’ experiences, so there’s as much anonymity as you want, which feels safe, and that’s important when we do this depth of work. 

Q: Which of the 8 Pillars of Inspired Health are you giving extra attention to lately?   

HH: Sunshine and Nature! Movement and Exercise! Often all at the same time!

Q: And of course we have to ask – Which products from the Inspired Health Apothecary have been game changers for you?

HH: I’m deeply in love with the Renew Pure Protein + Detox Shake! I jumped on the 14-day detox cleanse that was being promoted in February, and I loved the experience so much (and felt so good!) that I’ve continued having a serving of the shake daily. One area of life that I’m heavily investing in this year is my physical wellness. I hold a ton of energetic space for clients, friends, and humanity, and it’s been shown to me that this year my physical body needs to be strengthened so that I can continue to do what I do without creating physical weakness. Inspired Health is where I’ll receive the majority of my support.

Q: What is inspiring you right now?

HH: Spring! This felt like a long winter, and I missed the sun very much. The shift into these next two seasons of growth and expansion (and sunshine!) bring me to life. I’ve slowly been creating a little secret garden in my backyard, and I’m hopeful that this year I’ll actually plant something in the planter boxes my dad and stepdad made for me last year. 

Q: We love to share the Bend love! Can you share a couple of your favorite local businesses in Bend? 

HH: I went all-out this year for my birthday (45!) and bought all-new makeup from Wren & Wild, and I’m thrilled that I did. I love clean brands (for everything), and this shop delivers. This reminds me that when I launched The Gathering last year, I treated myself to a few Osea body products from Wren & Wild as a celebration! 

And a healer I’d love to mention is Angela Goodstein of Justicia Healing (@justiciahealing), an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer. I find that I’ll crave her healing sessions like a starving person craves food – when this happens, I know I need to have my energy held and healed by her the way I hold energy for others. She’s incredible, and her new healing space (within the Groove Yoga expansion space) is opening soon, and I can’t wait for it.

Thank you so much Heidi! 

Learn more about Heidi at her website and follow her on Instagram @heidihazen. Also, be sure to check out Heidi’s newest offering, The Reflection Sessions – a 60-minute 1:1 session over Zoom “rooted in the conscious realm without hypnosis to offer you conscious expansion and bespoke direction.”