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So, what exactly is this secret to weight loss? By taking the guessing out, we are able to customize a nutrition plan specific to your health concerns, goals, and individual biochemistry. Stable hormones, stable energy, stable weight is yours.

Discover what foods heal your body, and what foods cause your body inflammatory symptoms. Your personalized nutrition plan is a life changing strategy, guiding your path towards Inspired health.

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Merry & Bright: How to Hack the Holiday Hangover

How To Hack The Holiday Hangover Leftover Halloween candy. Marathon Thanksgiving meals. Up-for-grabs office chocolates, homemade cookies, and endless treats. We drift from one-holiday party followed by another…and another. Let’s face it the holidays are a time to enjoy friends, family, and food. However, whether you want to avoid overeating and gaining those extra pounds, […]

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I Eat Healthy, I Exercise – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?!

I HEAR YOU! The traditional thinking is that losing weight is based on a reduction in calories: calories in should be slightly less than calories out, leading to weight loss. With this train of thought, one should simply be able to lose weight or maintain based on calories, right? It’s not that simple.  We are […]

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Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid Information

You probably haven’t heard of Hashimoto’s  – a disease that is unfortunately affecting well over 10 million people in the U.S. today. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis disease is an autoimmune condition that affects 14 million people in the U.S. making it the most common hypothyroid disorder in the country. For those with the debilitating condition, symptoms can […]

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Got IBS? The cause might be Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Although the number of people with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) remains unknown, studies on this highly misunderstood and often unknown condition suggests that between 6-15%​ of healthy people have it, while up to ​80%​ of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have developed this illness. The stats suggest you may be dealing with a […]

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IBS + SIBO: A Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner’s Story

Who knows what it’s like to be told at a young age you have IBS – irritable bowel syndrome? I do. This frustrating diagnosis made for copious amounts of anxiety when heading on dates, vacations and special moments. After all, I never knew if Sir diarrhea , Representative gas or Princess nausea might arrive, ugh! […]

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Stress 101: A Functional Medicine Approach to Stress + Sleep

Stress… Did that word just stress you out?! What was the first thought that entered your mind? For so many people, this is the way of life. Almost a badge of honor that you can take on so much and keep going. But what gives? Literally. Now think back to a time when you felt […]

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New Year, ReNew

Happy New Year!  It’s the time of the year where gym memberships, #fitnessgoals, and juice cleanses run rampant everywhere.The idea of “new year, new you” seems to be unavoidable. While setting goals are great, we believe a rigid, metrics-based attitude toward health and fitness goals isn’t always the best way to go to achieve long […]

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Niacin Vitamin B3: Take The Feel Good Vitamin!

Why Vitamin B3 (aka Niacin) makes you feel GOOD! If you’re not feeling optimal, you may have a Vitamin B3 (aka Niacin) deficiency as every part of your body needs it to function! Inspired Health Practitioners offer comprehensive holistic health consults, and our apothecary includes only the most efficacious and safe nutraceuticals, prescribed in customized doses […]

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30-Second Wake-Up Call: Cold Shower Hydrotherapy

 COLD RINSE: Better than a shot of espresso in the morning! Feeling groggy in the morning? Addicted to caffeine to “get you going”? Want to get your metabolism fired up? If you have 30 seconds, then look no further! You will feel invigorated, alive, and AWAKE while you perform the cold water shower rinse. I […]

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