What is Functional Medicine?

Do you remember the word “Why” becoming a big part of your vocabulary when you were a child? Perhaps you have kiddos who are currently in that phase! It’s so special and such a time for growth. Let’s apply that concept to your health. In Functional Medicine, we are always asking the question, “Why?” Our goal is to help identify the root cause of symptoms versus simply treating the symptoms. To clarify – Functional Medicine is also used to treat and manage symptoms but the overall goal is to help the body heal and alleviate the symptoms.

Our goal is to help identify the root cause of symptoms versus simply treating the symptoms.

We often have patients asking about various supplements they have read about online, heard about in a podcast or been told about by a friend. We LOVE the curiosity, but also want you to have a clear direction and understanding about the purpose of supplements.

When a patient presents with a list of concerns, our role as Functional Medicine Providers is to identify the root cause and get you started on a plan that is unique to you. Our goal is to provide symptom relief AND help the body heal. Each lifestyle modification, supplement, lab, and appointment is designed with your long-term health goals in mind. We want to help you optimize how you feel so you can live your best life!

When you are thinking about your health, we encourage you to get curious and dive deeper. Know that your body is truly your best friend and you are having symptoms because there are health issues that need to be addressed. Think of your body as a tree – the leaves represent signs of health but can also represent signs of illness. The roots represent the systems in your body and when those systems are treated with care and understanding, the whole tree – YOU- can FLOURISH.

All of the providers at Inspired Health are certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. The IFM is a national and global leader in Functional Medicine education, and “The Functional Medicine Movement.” The certification program includes a week long ‘Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’ course, plus six Advanced Practice Modules within seven years from the time of application. Learn more HERE.

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