Blood sugar awareness and management is a hot topic right now. When a topic becomes hot, sometimes the course of action gets murky, so let’s discuss!

Blood sugar refers to the amount of sugar measured in your blood- typically measured via a finger prick amount of blood or through a blood draw. This “blood sugar” or “glucose” comes from the carbohydrate foods you eat or drink. Your body relies on glucose as a wonderful energy source. Elevated blood sugar is known as hyperglycemia. When hyperglycemia goes unchecked for long enough, the outcome is diabetes. While hyperglycemia is often without symptoms, diabetes can cause:

  • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive hunger
  • Cravings
  • Unusual weight gain or loss
  • Cortisol / Adrenal dysregulation
  • Dark skin patches 
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing wounds
  • Irritability, Anxiety sensations
  • Numbness / Tingling in extremeties 

I think we can agree we would like to avoid that list! So what can YOU do to manage blood sugar levels?

Simple Ways to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

  1. How about a little organic apple cider vinegar with your meals- about 1-2 tablespoons in a small amount of water was found to measurably reduce blood sugar readings.

  2. Take a walk post meal. Research has shown that walking within 15-30 minutes after eating also significantly improved blood sugar levels after eating.

  3. Who loves cinnamon? We sure do! Adding Ceylon cinnamon to your foods throughout the day also helps to lower blood sugar- aim for 1 tsp.

  4. When you are planning your foods, whether a meal or snack, always combine the three food fuels together: Protein, fat and carbohydrate in that order. Each of these are broken down and released as energy at different speeds so there are less chances of blood sugar dips and spikes.

5. If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes, you may want to consider Metabolic CindromeRX. This supplement combines the anti-oxidant benefits of cinnamon, Alpha Lipoic Acid, green tea, and others to powerfully benefit blood sugar maintenance.

Metabolic Cindrome Rx

Alpha Lipoic Acid CR

Alpha-Lipoic Acid CR provides whole-body, multifunctional antioxidant activity that helps to maintain healthy, well-functioning cells. Alpha Lipoic Acid CR is designed to neutralize free radicals in both the water-based and lipid-based portion of cells, help the body synthesize glutathione, and recharge important antioxidants

As usual, high-quality foods, regular movement, stress management and quality sleep are the basics! If you need help navigating your blood sugar needs, we are here for you.

Continuous Glucose Monitors


A Continuous Glucose Monitor is a wonderful tool if you want to regularly track your glucose levels to help assess and understand how food, exercise, and life impact glucose & insulin levels. Click HERE for $25 off of your 1st month with NUTRISENSE Continuous Glucose Monitor.

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