Fostering resilience is a necessary skill in times of change! The American Psychological Association defines resilience as: “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress”. Resilience can be applied to family and relationship problems, serious health problems, workplace or financial stressors.I think we can all agree these occurrences are inevitable. How resilient we are plays a large role in how we move through these life experiences- what we hold on to and what we choose to let go of.

It is important to recognize we do have a level of control in how we respond to a situation but the truth is, there are always factors outside our control. It can be difficult to feel “not in control”, this can lead to anxiety and some people may respond by attempting to clamp down harder on areas they feel they can control. I encourage you to be mindful of your actions when you are scared. Those in your immediate circle should be allies, allow yourself to be supported and in turn, be a support.

Now, resilience does not mean we do not suffer or experience the strong emotions associated with stress. It is the choice to lean in, to allow the genuine emotions and stages of grief associated with the loss or stressor. Stages of grief include: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance- not necessarily in that order. It is also perfectly normal to go back and forth on one’s feelings until true acceptance happens. It is a time for growth and grace, leading to something unbelievably powerful!

So how do we improve our resilience?

Start with changing the narrative. When we are stressed, it is common to ruminate and dwell on the situation. As we do so, “the thing” becomes more powerful and we build it into an overwhelming ball of negative emotions. Spend some time writing about it- start with 20 minutes of rough writing, just get your feelings out on paper. This can allow for processing of the emotions, open the door for new insights and allow us to CHOOSE to see the way we can grow from the experience.

  • Prioritize quality relationships. Focus on nurturing the bond with people who are empathetic and care for you. Resist the urge to isolate. Remembering you are not alone and having your feelings validated will help you move through the experience.
  • Cultivate personal wellness. We are emotional and physical beings, the effects of stress on the body are well known. When your body is nourished with movement, whole foods and quality sleep, you will find you are more adaptive to stressors. If you struggle with any of these, the providers here at Inspired Health can help guide you on this- we are here for you!
  • Find a meaning and purpose in helping others. When we do this, we can grow a deeper sense of self-worth and value in our existence. This will foster personal empowerment leading to increased resilience.
  • Finally- pursue gratitude. When we are able to be grateful, we will automatically feel more positive. Things to be grateful for: loved ones, friends, fresh air, movement, nature, food, water, warm showers, sight, hearing, smell, touch. The list is truly endless!

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”

Carl Jung

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