Praise | Michelle Hirschy-Baker FNP-C

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Patient Praise

Michelle is a practitioner that truly cares about the health and wellness of her patients. I appreciate her willingness to listen and practice with empathy.

She makes you feel comfortable with her warm personality, even when you are feeling vulnerable.

Could not recommend her higher…

Shilo Jiroudek

Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

Michelle is personable and knowledgeable.

She is a caring practitioner who will suggest as many natural treatments as she can to gain overall health for her clients.

Her background is in conventional medicine so she is aware and experienced.

J. Bird

Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

I would 100% recommend Michelle to anyone looking for answers with their overall health.

I have severe endometriosis and have tried everything traditional medicine has to offer. After years of feeling awful I decided to go a different route and started seeing Michelle at Inspired Health. She has been so so helpful in getting the overall inflammation in my body to go down, and help address issues with fatigue as well as the pain associated with endometriosis. She truly listens and doesn’t stop working to find solutions to help you truly heal.

Beth D.

Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

Michelle is really dedicated to her patients and treats the whole body as opposed to simply focusing on eliminating symptoms; I am very happy with her approach to medical care.

A. Tippets

Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

I’ve been going to Michelle for three years and she has been both creative and innovative so far as treating you as a whole-body person rather than just a body with symptoms. She is no-nonsense and very practical in the way that she approaches things. Michelle is also very caring and has a unique gift of actually listening to you and your concerns.

Michelle is healthcare at its best.


Patient of Michelle

When I had to find another primary care provider, I found Michelle. Lucky for me! Michelle is compassionate, very knowledgeable, and took a personal interest in finding the resolution to my medical issues. She is very persistent and will not hesitate to refer to another provider if she thinks it is necessary. I appreciate her honesty and that she is a genuine person who really takes a personal interest in my health and well-being and makes me a priority to be a healthier me.

I look forward to having Michelle as my primary care provider for many years to come and would recommend Michelle to anyone seeking a genuine, compassionate and knowledgeable health care provider.


Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

Michelle is a rarity! I have been through some doctors in my 58 years and she is the best.

She always takes time and listens, and is very friendly. I’m never rushed and she doesn’t give up on me! She does research and teaches me something new about staying healthy at each visit. Great person, great provider.


Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

Michelle has provided her patients with detailed, yet easy to follow instructions for lifestyle modifications that help improve their health.

Michelle has an excellent bedside manner that expresses compassion and understanding, which continues to build exceptional patient care.


Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker

Michelle is a great health practitioner. She always makes choices in honor of protecting and promoting her patients’ health. She is not one to apply easy fixes or “bandaids,” as is often seen in “medicine” nowadays.

Michelle is well-versed in integrative medicine and has an impressive grip on recognizing and treating upstream causes.

As far as her practitioner-patient relationship, she excels at this. She listens well. Her patients trust and respect her. She is a joy to work with.


Patient of Michelle Hirschy-Baker