Lab Kits

How to Order a Lab Kit


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All Inspired Health patients/clients have their own customized calendar of reminder dates attached to their charts.

The strength of Functional Medicine lies in collecting Data (with re-testing) to ensure that the support strategy chosen is moving your physiology towards a state of balance.

The goal is to eventually remove certain supplements once physiology is restored. These re-tests allow us to shift and modify your support plans appropriately.

If you have received a reminder that you are due for a lab re-test, please follow our new process.

To obtain your test kit


If you’d like to move forward with testing please respond in your patient portal so that we can send (via your portal) an estimate for you to approve.
Once approved we will obtain your credit card information and charge you for the lab test. We now charge for the test upfront. Once paid, we will have the lab test kit shipped directly to your address on file or make it available for pick up in person. You can then complete the test, and submit it to the lab.

Remember: You receive Physician Discounted Rates on all testing!

If you due for a blood draw, and are a local patient keep in mind that there is a draw fee at the local labs:

St Charles Draw Fee: $35
Interpath Draw Fee: $50

Each lab test takes a different amount of time to process.
Typically, most tests take about 4 weeks before we have results.

Please schedule a Review of Findings 30 minute appointment for FOUR weeks after you complete a lab test.

Our providers book out many weeks in advance – the sooner you schedule your appointment, the easier it is for our clinic to accommodate your schedule.

We hope you have a wonderful day, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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