Today, we’re chatting with our AWESOME Office Manager Jacque Guilliams! Inspired Health has many moving parts and Jacque plays a crucial leadership role in managing all aspects of the clinic, including our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator team. When she’s not in the office, Jacque can most often be found adventuring throughout Central Oregon with her family, friends, and pup of course!

Q: Jacque, tell us about where you’re from and how you landed in Bend.

JG: I was born and raised in Southern California and lived in Georgia and Washington before moving to Bend. I had two fulfilling careers in corporate recruiting and personal training before coming home to Inspired Health. Living in Bend had been a goal of our family since vacationing here during many winter and summer breaks and we worked hard to make it a reality. Bend is a special place on this planet and I am thankful every day for the gifts this town offers to its residents. 

Q: We know you have a background in athletic training and love to be active outdoors. What are your favorite forms of movement?

JG: Any and all in the great outdoors! Truly, you should see my garage – it’s filled to the brim with outdoor equipment! All types of skiing, snowshoeing, running, biking, hiking, and backpacking.

Q: We also know you are a triathlete and love to compete in races! Tell us about one or two of your favorite or most memorable races to date. Any races on the calendar for 2023?

JG: My first 70.3 Ironman race was in Hawaii and it was an amazing experience on the hallowed grounds of triathlon. The island is literally alive, and sacred –  you can feel that energy on the course; I felt like I had wings at that race. I am still working on my 2023 calendar, but will race the Pacific Crest Triathlon here in town and the Best in the West in September. There are several local trail runs I’m eyeing with the Rogue Gorge 50K being my big race in the Fall.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being part of the Inspired Health team? 

JG: The people! I have the honor of working with some of the most amazing people that enrich my life on the daily. I have never worked in such a unique environment; and I can honestly say that I learn something new every day. 

Q: Which of the 8 Pillars of Inspired Health are you giving particular attention to at the beginning of this year?

JG: Sleep. My sleep pattern has changed as I’ve aged and I am still  experimenting with what works best for me. I never thought my evening routine would require discipline, but it does now. 

Q: What is your favorite supplement from the Inspired Health Apothecary?

JG: The Daily Essentials – so convenient! My new fave is on special this month – the ReNew Pure Protein Powder. As the years pass, we need more protein to maintain our muscle and ReNew helps me meet my daily goal in an easy and delicious drink. 

Q: Now for a couple fun Bend questions! We all know this town has the best food truck scene. What are some of your favorites?

JG:  North Fresh Sushi, Americana, and Burrito Sunrise.

Q: What is the best music concert you’ve attended in Bend?

JG: Oooh, that’s a toughie, but I’m going with Old Dominion. I love their story of where they came from and the work they put in to get to today. Matt, the lead singer, really connects with the audience and I danced my bootie off!

Q: Favorite place to take visitors when they come to Central Oregon for the first time?

JG: Tubing on the Deschutes, of course!

Thanks Jacque, YOU ROCK!