Tucked in a cozy corner on Franklin Street in downtown Bend is Salud Raw Food – Bend’s first raw food café and juice bar – where you’ll find the most colorful and creative array of plant-based dishes, tonics, juices, and smoothies, all 100% organic and made with so much love. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Corrine Coxey, the vibrant soul behind Salud who continues to deliver sunshine and healthy eats to our community every day, 10 years and counting!

Q: Hi Corrine! First of all, Happy 10 Year Anniversary of Salud Raw Food! You have the OG raw café in Bend! How are you feeling as you reflect on this milestone? What are you most grateful for or proud of?

CC: I am incredibly grateful to have been so well received by this amazing community. I would love to acknowledge my dear friend John Machell who believed in my vision and was instrumental in getting Salud up and running. We had no idea this cafe would make it to 10 years!

Q: For those that might not have discovered Salud yet, can you tell us about the café and what inspired you to start this endeavor all those years ago?

CC: Salud has and always will be dedicated to offering highly nutritious food and drinks. Every ingredient used is the best we can find, including many locally made. We offer breakfast, lunch, desserts, smoothies, hot blended tonics, and fresh, made to order juice. Everything is organic, gluten free, refined sugar free, soy free and vegan. I was inspired to start Salud because I truly believe food is medicine. I created what I longed for here in Bend.

Q: We’d love to know more about you and your background. Have you always had a passion for raw food? Tell us a bit more about your journey with food and health.

CC: I was raised on healthy food. My mom was a true health nut of the 70’s and 80’s. She made Kombucha before most people knew what that was. She made sprouts, tofu and gave out boxes of raisins for Halloween…you know, that kind of mom. So, I’ve always appreciated healthy food and its importance – not only to our physical bodies but to our mental and spiritual aspects as well.  I’m not 100% raw or vegan (though I’ve gone through periods of time where I was). I don’t like to label myself as any “type” of eater. I eat what I crave. Most of the time that’s healthy, fresh raw foods but sometimes I crave pizza or tacos or a baked chocolate cake. And that’s ok. 

Q: Many our patients at Inspired Health are learning about their own food allergies/sensitivities and are eliminating inflammatory foods. Adjusting to new ways of eating can be challenging when you’re used to eating say, gluten or dairy, or corn etc. Besides eating at Salud (duh!) and being inspired by all the delicious options you offer, what wisdom or advice would you give to our patients on this chapter of their journey?

CC: I would say to keep it up the best you can even if at first it isn’t enjoyable. It takes time to train your tastebuds and just like medicine, it also takes time to work its magic. You are worth it. 

Q: What are some of your favorite raw dishes to make?

CC: Desserts for sure. The artistic creativity is limitless with desserts. They’re my favorite to decorate. My favorite lunch item has always been the Say “Ole” Tacos. They are seriously delicious. They are the only menu item that has been on the menu since we opened. 

Q: What is the most underrated raw food ingredient in your opinion?

CC: Cashews. They aren’t my personal favorite but they make incredible cream cheese, sour cream, cheesecake, caesar dressing and vegan cheeses. They are extremely versatile. 

Q: What is the biggest myth about eating raw or plant-based foods that you encounter?  

CC: That you won’t get full. It’s amazing how satisfied you feel after eating at Salud because you are properly nourishing your body! When your food doesn’t contain fillers (flour, rice, pasta, etc) you don’t need a huge plate to feel full! 

Q: Which of our 8 Pillars of Inspired Health are you personally giving extra attention to these days?  

CC: Well, being that it is summer, I would say sunshine and nature. Those two things fill me up and keep me sane and healthy!

Q: And as usual, let’s share some Central Oregon love!  Can you share a couple of your favorite local businesses?

CC: Deschutes Produce! They grow the best salad mix and tender greens which we serve in the cafe.  Though I haven’t tried it yet, I am also happy that another organic, raw cafe and juice bar has opened up in Bend! NW Raw. I don’t look at it as competition but rather adding to the consciousness of healthy eating.  

Thank you Corrine!

Be sure to visit Salud Raw Food,  located at 431 NW Franklin Ave. Open Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm. Check out their Menu and follow on Instagram and Facebook.