Welcome to the first edition of Community Connections! It was a no-brainer who we wanted to feature in our first column. Not only is Stacey Lum a talented healer and true community connector, she also works out of her gorgeous studio right here at the Inspired Health clinic in Bend! We are grateful to have Stacey’s vibrant energy in the space and are excited to share more about her. If you’ve been curious about her offerings, read on!

Q: Stacey, first we want to know more about you! Can you share a little bit about your journey and what brought you to Bend?  

SL: I wanted to explore more of the Pacific Northwest and come into a community that was similar to how I grew up, which was a small mountain town in Colorado. I discovered Bend with my husband and when we first came here in 2008 we knew only one person- my dear friend Maya Bauer! After  three years, we moved overseas for over a decade, and kept our home base in Bend and are so glad we did! I love the community here and plugging into the high desert vibe outside!

Q:  Your signature beauty healing – The Facial – is revered by your clients and highly sought after. Can you tell us about this special experience? How does it differ from a traditional facial treatment? 

SL: Over the last decade, I have mastered a repertoire of intuitive rituals and have brought them into the treatment room with exceptional results. My methods are exquisitely focused on drawing out my clients’ inner radiance, and shifting their consciousness by releasing energy in order to promote visible and lasting change. I guide the clients in how to use my tools for healing that go beyond a traditional facial experience.

Q: For those that are new to the practice of Gua Sha, can you explain what it is and why this healing ritual is so beneficial? 

SL: Gua Sha is an Eastern healing technique that uses a stone tool to activate your skin’s immunity by increasing circulation and creating space in the tissues, in order to create fundamental change from within. I can use the tool at varied pressures on the skin to help move lymph along the pathways to help increase circulation, reduce facial tension, decrease puffiness and the appearance of blemishes.

Q: At Inspired Health, we are all about living a non-toxic life as much as possible, particularly when it comes to the products we are putting on our skin. Can you share more about the products you are passionate about and use with your clients? 

SL: I love to educate why clean beauty products matter. Product efficacy, formulation, and sourcing the most effective botanical products is something I highly value.  What you put into your body and on your body matters. Buying clean beauty products versus conventional products is important because you are using ingredients that nourish and support the tissues rather than purchasing a product that you hear about online, but have no idea how it is sourced or formulated. I love to support the small batch, clean beauty brands that support the skin and tissue in all facets. I have two skin care partners who are dear to my heart, both based out of the San Francisco Bay Area: Monastery and Botnia Botanical Skincare

Q: What is one tip or piece of advice you wish more people knew when it comes to their skin? 

SL: It is all about the neck. This is the portal to the face. Massage it, give it Gua Sha love for radiant skin!

Q: What is a goal or intention you are working towards in 2023? 

SL:  I am working on taking my mind, body, and beauty healing rituals to a whole new level. I am planning to teach to a much larger community of estheticians and healers, so they can also empower their own clients beyond the clinical facial. For this, I see travel in my visions!

Q: What is a quote or mantra that you love or live by? 

SL: Mantras and intentions are my lifeline. I have many that I use and rotate them all the time depending on how I feel and what I need physically and emotionally.  My current one is:

I know who I am, and I know where I am going. Now I activate that energy.

Q: What are your favorite forms of movement? 

SL: I love SO many! My top favorites are skate skiing, swimming, mountain biking and yoga.

Q: Can you share some of your favorite local businesses or restaurants in Bend?

SL: Some of my favorite businesses are FOUND Natural Goods and Amulette Studios. Favorite Restaurants are Kanpai Sushi, Bos Taurus, and Jackson’s Corner.

Q: What is a supplement from the Inspired Health Apothecary that you can’t live without? 

SL: Vitamineral Green Powder, ION Gut Support, and CALM CP for sleep support.

Thank you Stacey! 

To learn more about Stacey or to book a beauty healing, visit her website at or Instagram @staceytyana

Stacey with her husband Jason Curran and son Taz, 8.