WANTED: Inspiring Intern – to join our growing team!

Who We Are:

Dr. Wendy Weintrob and Dr. Meaghan Dishman are the co-founders of Inspired Health: Center for Integrative + Functional Medicine. We are both Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctors and Licensed Acupuncturists, each with experience in private clinical practice since 2005. As experts in the field of Integrative Medicine we bring a unique lens to the table – combining the best of Western, Naturopathic and Chinese medicine practices.

Our Current Story

Dr. Wendy Weintrob and Dr. Meaghan Dishman joined forces in January 2017, then rebranded and expanded their individual clinics to one location within The Box Factory in November 2017. They also added a thriving Apothecary retail space, open to the public, with an Online Store.

As part of our small but VERY mighty patient happiness team you will help assist the Inspired Health Team, in a gorgeous, modern space with good vibes and clear energy.

Reading this makes you say, “Wow! What an amazing opportunity — this is for ME!”

Who You Are:

You are a compassionate self-starter with strong people skills and a knack for brightening others’ days. Your role will be to assist our Administrative Team and Clinicians in day to day tasks. Making a real difference in the world and patients’ lives truly lights you up.

Optimal wellness and Inspired Health are passions of yours. You understand the importance of being clear, friendly, and genuine with communication.

  • You have at least 2 years of Undergraduate college experience
  • You’re an independent self-starter and excel in a collaborative environment
  • You have excellent documentation skills, and are computer savvy
  • You’re open to being mentored and receiving feedback
  • You’re smart, compassionate, and empathetic, and receive genuine satisfaction helping people
  • You’re incredibly resourceful and have an aptitude for solving problems with little assistance
  • You’re detail oriented, and are extremely well organized

Attributes You Pride Yourself In: 

  • Provider of High Quality People Care, Motivated, Committed, Kind, Self Directed, Honest, Positive, Organized, Loving, Growth Minded, Quick Learner, Multi-Tasker, Computer/Software savvy, Team Player, Strong Work Ethic, Bright, Loyal

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Providing high quality customer service
  • Apothecary inventory management assistance: in store, online
  • Assisting staff with preparing laboratory test kits
  • Various Administrative Duties: organizing patient handouts/files, document scanning, tidying up clinical rooms and office,
  • Providing on-brand support based on the views and values of Inspired Health

What We Will Provide:

  • Detailed report and letter of reference for future career opportunities after Internship is fulfilled
  • Potential ability to grow internship position into Team Member
    • NOTE: this is a non-payed Internship available to aspiring healthcare students

In an ideal world, you are/have:

  • In school to become a medical/health provider
  • Have a minimum of 90 hours to devote to the Internship (minimum of 9 hrs/wk)
  • Have experience with Natural supplements
  • A strong writing background, particularly in Health Education (blogging and newsletters)
  • Experience with various Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc), and Google Drive

Please complete the following within a Cover Letter and attach your current Resume/CV

  • What top 5 strengths do you feel would be an asset to our team, and why.
  • Tell us about what drives and motivates you and why you would desire to work in a collaborative clinic.
  • Tell us about 2 weaknesses or challenges you are aware of actively evolving, and how.
  • Provide 2 professional references (Teachers, Employers)
  • Submit to admin@inspiredhealthmed.com 
  • Resumes accepted: ongoing year round

We look forward to reading about you, and potentially meeting and working with you in the future!

Be Inspired,
Dr. Weintrob + Dr. Dishman


I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Dr. Meaghan Dishman, Dr. Wendy Weintrob, and the administrative team at Inspired Health during the summer of 2017. This internship program influenced my life in more ways than I can put into words. First and foremost, both Meaghan and Wendy are dedicated to using their scientific expertise and genuine empathy as tools to improve the lives of others. These extraordinary women set the bar high for what a quality medical provider looks like, and I strive to one day exemplify the same characteristics in my own practice. The unique approach to healing at Inspired Health also gave me a new perspective of health care. In order to improve patients’ health, it became apparent that this not only meant personalized treatment of physiological symptoms, but also consideration of psychological, emotional, and social factors. After learning about Integrative, Functional, Naturopathic, and Chinese medicine, I understood the vital connection between educating and encouraging all individuals to take responsibility in obtaining and maintaining healthy lifestyles. It was refreshing to work with physicians that viewed chronic diseases through a different lens. I believe that modern American society would benefit largely from the development of more medical institutions that have increased efforts toward prevention of chronic diseases such as Inspired Health.

Ultimately, this internship led me to pursue an undergraduate research position in a microbiology laboratory at North Carolina State University where I studied gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota. I focused on the role probiotics and prebiotics can play in decreasing the risk for developing chronic GI diseases and aiding life-span health. My research incorporated a public outreach where I educated students on campus about daily choices they can make to cultivate a diverse and well-balanced GI microbiome. By improving the student perception and knowledge of GI microbiota, I promoted behaviors associated with prevention of chronic diseases and attempted to revolutionize the way college students prioritize aspects of their own health. Inspired Health enabled me to talk comfortably with students about a complex topic that I had been exposed to previously in private practice. As I make major transitions following my professional ambitions, I am confident that I will be an asset to any health care team because of the skills and experiences gained through my internship at Inspired Health. This internship program allowed me to grow as an intellectual in concepts of biology, biochemistry, nutrition, and anatomy and physiology; however, the largest impact of my experience was intrapersonal. Overall, the internship program at Inspired Health facilitated growth in my values which I am truly inspired to implement in my own life to sustain long-term health and happiness.

-C. Garr (Intern Summer 2017: North Carolina State University- B.S. in Biological Sciences and Minor in Psychology) 

The holistic approach to health and healing is a passion of mine. When looking for an internship that would give me the experience and exposure in working in the integrative health environment, I was fortunate enough to find Inspired Health in Bend, Oregon. Working in the Apothecary has given me insight on the many different supplements there are and the effects they have in the healing process. Knowing that there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals and seeing them prescribed to patients for various issues has been enlightening and encouraging. Seeing how the business aspect of running a Naturopathic Doctor’s office has been very valuable – from learning how the insurance operation works, to the hiring of help, to scheduling appointments and many other business aspects that I would not have gotten in a classroom. The understanding of the various workings of the business has been very interesting. My curiosity about this career path has been solidified. I am grateful for the experience and looking forward to my continued journey into the world of Naturopathic Medicine and healing!

M.Otto (Intern Summer 2018: 4th year at Temple University)