Sunshine + Nature, Community, Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Stress Management, Creativity7 Pillars Inspired Health
Mindset is key: remember that health is holistic!

Health is multifaceted; it is not limited to your diet and exercise routine.
In order to reach optimal health, each of the 7 Pillars of Inspired Health needs attention.


The relationship between Sunshine + Nature and wellness is multifaceted, with a vast body of research showing that above all, humans thrive in the sun, outside, in nature.
Living close to nature and spending time in the sun reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Premature death, Stress, and Hypertension.

Increased Mood: Sunlight increases mood by boosting Serotonin levels – your happiness hormone! Forests, oceans, and mountains calm the nervous system, regulating brain chemistry and stress neurotransmitters.
Improved Sleep: The brighter your daytime sun exposure is, the more melatonin you produce at night, allowing you to have a higher quality of sleep.
Stronger Immune System: Sunshine is correlated with optimal Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps signal your immune system to help fight infection, cancer and recovery.
More Energy: Mitochondria are tiny organelles inside of every cell in the body. They are the powerhouses of the cell, making ATP or energy fuel. These organelles are stimulated by sunshine!
Stress Reduction: Getting outside in nature allows a disconnect from the go, go, go of our daily lives and literally allows us to unplug, creating a stronger connection to self, our environment and community.
Bone Growth: Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and is essential for bone growth, formation and health. You need sunshine to convert Vitamin D to its active form.
Lower Blood Pressure: studies show that moderate exposure to the sun’s UV rays and spending time outdoors can cause a significant drop in blood pressure – lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.
Hormone Regulation: Early morning natural sunlight helps regulate hormones by stimulating your Cortisol Awakening Response – turning on your Adrenals, and signaling your Endocrine system to turn on for the day.
Weight Loss: 20-30 minutes of early morning sunshine can reduce body fat – lowering your BMI (Body Mass Index) score and slimming down the waist. Up the ante by exercising in Nature, and get a two for one!

Inspired Tips + Tricks:


Spend more quality time with your FRIENDS + FAMILY!
Humans are meant to CONNECT with others. Studies on the Blue Zones (people who live to 100 years old) show that people live longer when they are connected and supported by a community.

Find your tribe and invest in them!

Inspired Tips + Tricks:


They say that laughter is the best medicine, helping release endorphins (feel good neurohormones), and release pent up energy. In addition to laughing, any activity that brings you joy or peace is beneficial.

Inspired Tips + Tricks:

#3 NUTRITION (Food + Water)

“Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

AVOID / MINIMIZE: Gluten, Dairy, Sugar (+any known food sensitivities / allergies)
Start eliminating the most common foods that increase inflammation. You don’t have to be perfect (not yet!).
We are just starting to lay the foundation for doing a customized cleanse in the future. Notice if you have any decrease in symptoms while in this avoidance phase, and notice if when you do eat these foods, what symptoms are exacerbated.

A hormone + adrenal support diet should avoid caffeine, chocolate, simple carbohydrates, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and be rich in organic protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains (only if you are not sensitive to grains, and only if you are not Paleo), and good fats.

Inspired Tips + Tricks:


Hydration is a core cornerstone to wellness!
We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Getting your fill of H2O will assist your body with cellular communication and detoxifying. Plus it will make your skin looking vibrant and your bowels moving!
Inspired Tips + Tricks:


Our bodies often need a seasonal reboot – clean out the cobwebs and shed some accumulated toxins and inflammation and hit the reset button!

This is where our RENEW Program comes in!!

The program is designed to eliminate all inflammatory foods and drinks and utilizes a shake/smoothie supplement that has gut anti-inflammatory and liver detox herbs and nutrients, plus a pure vegan protein to keep you satiated.

You can expect added energy, clear thinking, and the removal of sugar cravings.
Some will have the added bonus of losing the winter/ holiday weight they have gained!

And now you know – The Inspired Health doctors’ DAILY Secret Weapon!!

ReNew Pure Protein + Detox Support Powder

We use it in our smoothies to keep ourselves energized, focused, and nourished!
You can use it as your protein powder (at half the dose = 1 scoop vs 2 scoops) in your favorite smoothie too!
Check out our easy ReNew Smoothie Recipe here! 

ReNew Detox Smoothie

Our favorite daily smoothie! 
And part of our ReNew Cleanse Program.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Smoothie
Keyword Cleanse, Dairy Free, Detox, Diabetes, Gluten Free, Smoothie, Snack, Vegan, Weight Loss
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 2 scoops ReNew Powder
  • 2 cups Greens Kale, Spinach, Super Greens, Salad Greens
  • 1/2 Banana Frozen or Fresh
  • 1/2 cup Blueberries Frozen or Fresh
  • 3 Strawberries Frozen or Fresh
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1/2 cup Non-Dairy Milk or Yogurt
  • Water To desired consistency


  1. Add all ingredients into Blender (or Vitamix) 

  2. Press Go!

  3. ENOY!!


A regular sleep schedule with an early bedtime allows your brain and your adrenal glands the best opportunity for rest and repair. Sleeping in, whenever possible may be of benefit as well.

Inspired Tips + Tricks:

If difficulty sleeping- Try a Snack Before Bedtime: Having a little snack 30-60 minutes before bedtime can sometimes help to regulate cortisol and glucose levels throughout the night.

Orange Lensed Glasses: These goggles/glasses have been shown to improve sleep quality as well as mood, simply by blocking blue light and simulating physiologic darkness.

Extra Sleep Support !!

Your body is designed to MOVE!
Not to mention, one of the top cures for depression and anxiety is – EXERCISE!!
 Aim for at least 45-60 minutes 3-4 times per week. 

If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist!

Inspired Tips + Tricks:


Aim for 20 minutes of fresh air and sunlight per day!
The Pineal gland in the brain is considered the “Master” endocrine (hormone )gland. Hormones regulate a myriad of things including metabolism, energy, weight, stamina, women’s cycles, menopause, etc.
The Pineal gland is stimulated by exposure to sunlight!
Taking 20 minutes to expose yourself each day will allow you to get outside, go for a walk, take a break, and enjoy the great outdoors! Even if it is a quick office break walk around the block.

Get your BLOOD moving every day!

The term hydrotherapy is synonymous with “water cure” and dates back with the antiquated use during ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Chinese and Japanese Civilizations. When taking a warm / hot shower the blood vessels dilate with the heat. By using ONLY a 30 second cold rinse at the end of your shower, the blood vessels contract and shunt blood back into the core and vital organs, while at the same time increasing lymphatic flow and drainage. All of this benefits the function of your Endocrine, Metabolic and Immune Systems!


Make a list of 2 columns and write out your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL stressors on each side.
Find the lowest hanging fruit and start eliminating those first!
Often when we decrease the clutter of our external stressors and increase our internal mindfulness practices, our bigger external stressors become easier to manage and respond to (versus react).


Daily mindfulness AND meditation allows for deep belly breathing, re-teaching the diaphragm to relax, and strengthening the Vagus nerve (the nerve that stimulates all of our vital organs).
Deep breathing is essential for the nervous system and adrenal recovery.
When we are stressed out, we start to shallow breath. Shallow breathing signals the adrenals to be alert and vigilant.
Deep breathing tells the body it can relax- there is no tiger running after you!

Inspired Tips + Tricks:


It is important to have unscheduled time.  This means that you have the opportunity to unfold.
Inspired Tips + Tricks:


What do the world’s most successful, and truly happy people have in common? Creativity.
Creativity is a foundational element of the human species. They say that life is about “finding” purpose, fulfillment and success…but really it is about creating it!
Creativity is a habit, a mindset, and a practice that can transform your life and fill it with the vitality you are seeking. The problem is, we tend to get caught up in seeking outside approval that we become too busy to fully embrace our creativity practice. Bringing your full creative self to the table, will take any of your dreams, projects or goals to the next level.

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”
-Gabrielle Roth

At Inspired Health, we are committed to inspire you to reach optimal health and vitality by identifying your unique underlying root causes of symptoms.
Schedule an appointment, we would be honored to join you on your journey towards Inspired Health!


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