Inflammation + Leaky Gut

“Leaky gut” or intestinal hyper-permeability, is at the root of a range of health problems, from asthma and insomnia to Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, food sensitivities / allergies and rheumatoid arthritis. America’s leading gastroenterologists confirm that leaky gut exists, however, it’s a diagnosis that isn’t taught in medical school. Traditional medical practitioners admit that they don’t know much about the disease, or how to recognize leaky gut symptoms.  

Leaky gut leads to inflammation, and inflammation is the #1 common denominator for all chronic disease. Leaky gut triggers an inflammatory alarm response, which affects people differently. For one person, it might be cystic acne, for another, Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid and with another person, irritable bowel syndrome or disease.

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