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The “Best” Deodorant is a clean and natural preparation that really works! This deodorant is fully plant-based with constituents that target odor-causing bacteria safely. While not an antiperspirant, it counteracts the bacteria that causes excessive sweating. This deodorant is primarily composed of a locally sourced organic and biodynamic blend of grape alcohol.

The deodorant spray dries quickly, leaving only the enlivening botanical aroma of the active ingredients. It is a very concentrated formula, with no water or fillers added.


The Best Deodorant was created in 2002 out of a need for a chemical free preparation that holistically targeted underarm odor. It is a clean formula that does not interfere with glandular elimination.


Recommended Dosage: Spray 1-2 sprays under each armpit once a day. Usage can depend on preference.

Quantity: 2 oz or 60 ml

Ingredients: Grape Vitis vinifera Alcohol and a proprietary blend of essential oils

Caution: Keep out of eyes. Avoid use after shaving. For external use only.

2 reviews for The Best Deodorant

  1. Natalie (verified owner)

    I love this deodorant. I have tried other natural deodorant and this is my favorite.

  2. Julie Wellette (verified owner)

    It saved my life! Knowing that I was going on a business trip with my husband to SE Asia (90 degrees 90 percent humidity) was worrisome as I didn’t have a plan for my body odor problem. So I brought up my concern with Dr. Weintrob during an appointment and she recommended “The Best Deodorant”. (I was a bit skeptical because I have tried so many products but this was a total game changer!) I had to pack very light and thus wore outfits more than one time so I sprayed the deodorant on specific areas of soiled clothes at night and then sprayed my skin in the morning. I even sprayed my Dansko sandals at night. I had 0 odor during my two weeks in Asia and 0 odor since I’ve been home! Since my return, I’ve also used it as a presoak on clothes that I thought were ruined with B.O. odor and the deodorant has saved these clothing items too! I even used it on a Norwex mop pad that had an odor and it worked! Thank you Dr. Weintrob for connecting me to this product. I can now travel, work out, and be more present and confident while socializing.

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