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Cyrex Labs: AutoImmune, Chronic Inflammatory Disease, Gut-Brain Connection

This video concisely explains the connection of Gut Barrier function (Leaky Gut) and it’s role in Autoimmune disease and Chronic Inflammation. Inspired Health practitioners have been utilizing Cyrex labs in their customized health support plans since the lab opened in 2009.


Cyrex Labs: Array 2

Array 2: Intestinal Permeability Screen with Cyrex Labs is the most comprehensive and accurate “Leaky Gut” testing today. Intestinal hyper-permeability is associated with a variety of AutoImmune and chronic inflammatory diseases and symptoms.


DUTCH Complete™ Collection Instructions
DUTCH Complete Collection Instructions

This video is intended to assist you with your collection of the DUTCH Complete Hormone panel. Check out these detailed “How To” instructions!

Irregular Cycle Collection
Irregular Cycle Collection Instructions

This video gives you all the details on how to collect your DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel if you have an irregular menstrual cycle!